La Foresta Recordings is an up-and-coming podcast series that will showcase the latest and most exciting underground music from around the world.

As a record label, La Foresta has a wealth of experience working with some of the most innovative and respected underground artists in the industry. Each episode of the podcast series will be a journey of discovery, taking listeners on a musical voyage of exploration and discovery.

Featuring a diverse range of artists and genres, the La Foresta Recordings podcast series promises to be an exciting new destination for underground music fans everywhere. With its finger on the pulse of the latest and most innovative sounds from around the world, the podcast series is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore fresh and exciting new music. So stay tuned for new episodes of La Foresta Recordings, and join us on this exciting new journey of musical exploration and discovery!

In addition, we are proud to announce that we have new music from our world-renowned underground artists coming soon.

So keep an eye out for new and exciting releases from La Foresta Recordings, and be the first to discover the latest and greatest sounds from the world of underground music!